Behind the Brand


Nubian Radiance is a collection of intentional, customized products that celebrate the beauty, richness, and diverse tapestry of the African Diaspora.



Nubian Radiance greeting cards is where it all began. Our team recognized that there was a gap in the market when it came to greeting cards geared toward or featuring African Americans. The few options present in the market contained language that was pandering and played up a caricature of the everyday black experience. On December 6, 2018, we launched Nubian Radiance Stationery featuring cards with intentional messaging and imagery and received an astounding reception that persists.



Our goal is to showcase and avail beautiful, fashionable items primarily from African countries, as well as other exceptional corners of the world. We seek out and collaborate with talented artisans to design modern statement pieces with cultural flair, made from ethically sourced and high-quality materials.

We are also working with our select number of artisans to formulate solutions that mitigate the challenges they face, such as antiquated tools, a shortage of proper lighting and lack of safety gear. Our team also works with artisans to expose and discuss global trends, ensuring that their skillset is at par with the demands of both local and western markets. By working together to resolve challenges and uncover new opportunities, we can ensure elevated quality of work which in turn increases their earning potential exponentially.


“I will raise my head high wherever I go because of my African pride.
And nobody will take that away from me.”
- Idowu Koyenikan